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Buddy Meetings for return-to-work GPs


Buddy Meetings for return-to-work GPs

For the next phase of BNSSG Training Hub’s ongoing support for GPs returning to work from short career breaks, Dr. Pamela Curtis will be holding Buddy Meetings on the last Wednesday of each of the next few months.

These meetings will provide a safe space to discuss the things that matter to you – be it clinical work, career goals, or well-being – and in a format of your choosing (as a ‘study group’, via action learning sets, etc.). It is hoped these will increase the confidence of and support for GPs returning to practice.

Planned dates are as follows, from 20.00 21.00 on each day:

  • Wednesday 28 July | Click here to register interest
  • Wednesday 25 August
  • Wednesday 29 September
  • Wednesday 27 October

If you know a colleague for whom this will be of interest and is currently on-leave, please do forward it on to them.

To be kept in the loop and register your interest in later dates, please contact
[email protected] using the button below.

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GP Return to Work Refresher Course


GP Return to Work Refresher Course

Are you a BNSSG-based GP due to return or recently returned to clinical work after a prolonged absence (due to maternity leave or ill health, for instance)? Would you like to boost your confidence and feel supported in your transition back to work following your career break?

This FREE one-day course, organised by BNSSG Training Hub’s GP Fellow Dr. Pamela Curtis, can provide that support. We will be covering time management, the “new” appraisal process, consultation skills, useful clinical updates, and signposting to resources. An amazing career coach will be on-hand to guide you, and you will be able to network with GPs in a similar position.

To register your interest, please send a message to [email protected]

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GP Short Career Break Project

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina
Have your opinion heard!
Shape support for GPs returning from short career breaks

Dr. Pamela Curtis, GP Fellow for the Hub, invites GPs to participate in a short, anonymous questionnaire to help mould an ongoing project designed to increase support for, and retention amongst, members of the GP workforce.

The survey is aimed at GPs who are (or have been) out of the workplace on a short career break for 3 or more months in the preceding 2 years, or who are planning to take a short career break. It will evaluate perspectives on support available to, and the confidence of, these GPs upon their return to work, with a view to development and implementation of extra support, including ‘return to work’ courses.

This survey is but one part of this work, with a focus group involving a smaller sample of GPs scheduled to be run in May. If you would be interested in participating, please enter your details at the end of the survey or send a message to [email protected] / [email protected].

The deadline to respond is Thursday 6 May, in advance of the first event we intend to run, informed by this survey and the focus group, in mid-June.

For more information, and to access the survey, please use the buttons below.

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