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Medicines Optimisation Training

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Medicines Optimisation Training

  • Shared Decision Making Meds-Op Training on Thurs 16 September
  • Prescribing in Special Groups & Substance Misuse on Tues 23 November
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BNSSG CCG’s Med-Op Team and BNSSG Training Hub are collaborating to deliver a suite of Medicine Optimisation-related training sessions over the coming months, for partners across Bristol, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire.

The plan currently includes the following training and topics (but please bear in mind that this is subject to change):

Polypharmacy Training

To cover:

  • NEW: Shared Decision Making
    To be delivered on Thursday 16 September by Dr. Shaba Nabi, from 12.30 to 14.00, this webinar will explore the importance of shared decision making and personalised care in medicines optimisation.

    To sign up for a space, please click here.

  • How to facilitate behaviour change
  • Approach to initiation of medicines
  • Approach to long-term conditions review and deprescribing
  • NEW: Prescribing in Special Groups & Substance Misuse
    Running from 12.3014.00 on Tuesday 23 November, and delivered by Dr. Ben Watson (Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist), this webinar will examine prescribing in special groups, substance misuse, and deprescribing gabapentinoids, benzodiazepines, and opiates.

    To sign up for a space, please click here.

  • Pain management overview
  • Specific deprescribing tips
Antimicrobial Stewardship Training

To cover:

  • Cellulitis
  • Penicillin allergies
  • AMS in children

What else is on

Shared Decision Making Training

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An interactive opportunity to practice new skills…
…a great start to working towards a cultural shift
Free, virtual training in BNSSG up until Tuesday 7 September, 2021
Do you want to help people make better decisions about their healthcare?

As part of the Value Based Healthcare Programme and the MSK Programme, we and BNSSG CCG are offering Shared Decision Making training to staff across BNSSG, particularly those treating MSK patients.

Awareness Raising Webinar

We have held our one-hour Awareness Raising Webinar and are delighted to report that over 140 individuals from across BNSSG attended. This webinar serves as an introduction to the core principles of Shared Decision Making and begins to lay out the case for its widescale implementation.

To watch it, please click here.

Train the Trainer workshops:

We have already run a number of these skills-based sessions, with delegates providing overwhelmingly positive feedback. There are more to go, however, on the following dates:

  • Tuesday 7 September (9.30 to 12.30 | Waiting list open)
  • Tuesday 5 October (9.00 to 12.00)

The training will be run by Chloe Stewart and Helen Patten, both physiotherapists also from Sussex MSK Partnership, as well as Shaba Nabi, one of our local GPs. They are all national experts in Shared Decision Making and have been praised for providing clear, informative, and very relevant training.

Should you wish to apply to join one of the above workshops, please use the button below.

Shared Decision Making tools for the knee and hip pathways are in development, and these will be rolled out this year to support SDM discussions with patients

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