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General Practice Teaching Workshops


General Practice Teaching Workshops

BNSSG Training Hub has arranged for a series of online workshops to be run this autumn, exploring the themes of Well-Being, Shared Decision Making, and Risk Management. Spearheaded by Dr. Alice Blackwell, one of the Hub’s GP Fellows, these workshops are principally aimed at newly-qualified GPs, GPNs, and ANPs, but admission may be opened up to a wider audience in due course — please keep an eye out!

Further information on each of the workshops is available below:

Well-Being Workshop

Running from 14.0017.30 on Tuesday 5 October, to be delivered by Hannah Miller (Founding Director of Sidekick and Gallup-certified Strengths Coach), this session will consider:

  • How is your well-being?
  • Gallup research into well-being – rooted in science and actionable in your daily life
  • The 5 areas of well-being: what they are, what they look like in our lives, and how we might take steps to improve them
  • Form an action plan and shift the needle towards a healthy, thriving lifestyle
Shared Decision Making Workshop

Running from 14.0017.30 on Tuesday 12 October, to be delivered by Dr. Shaba Nabi (Clinical Lead for a vibrant, inner city practice in Bristol). This session will feature an interactive, practical workshop on shared decision making.

If you have not already, it would be beneficial to watch the 1-hour Awareness Raising webinar we released, in conjunction with Dr. Nabi, in early 2021. To watch it, please click here.

Risk Management Workshop

Running from 14.0017.30 on Thursday 14 October, to be delivered by Dr. Kathy Ryan (GP and Medical Director of BrisDoc). This interactive session will delve into Clinical Risk, Fear, and Courage, exploring our fears behind the cases that keep ups awake and night and discussing the factors which can support courage, enable us to sleep, and – at the same time – keep the patient centre stage.

These sessions are now open to GPs, GPNs, and APNs across the region!

To register your interest in any of these sessions, please contact Jessie Saul at [email protected].

What else is on

GPN Well-being & Peer Support Group

Photo by Neil Thomas
Need a helping hand?

“It’s not always about getting or giving advice. It’s also about having a safe space to get things off our chest and occasionally sharing a laugh about it all!” (Mind, 2020)

BNSSG Training Hub is pleased to offer a monthly 1- / 1.5-hour online peer support group for those new to general practice nursing. This session will be limited to 4 places on a first-come, first-serve basis, but we welcome all expressions of interest as we endeavour to provide further sessions soon.

The initial session will be running on a Thursday afternoon, once a month, with the final date to be confirmed, and it will be facilitated by a clinician with a special interest in the health and well-being of health professionals.

What is peer support?

Peer support is when people use their own experiences to help each other. It comes in different forms, but they all aim to:

  • Bring people with shared experiences together, to support one another
  • Provide a safe environment wherein you feel accepted and understood
  • Treat everyone’s experiences as equally important
  • Involve both giving and receiving support

The benefits include:

  • Having the opportunity to reflect
  • Building resilience and improving well-being
  • Sharing your own experiences, new ideas, best practice, and research
  • Making links with other professionals and having the opportunity to build supportive networks

For more information, please contact Kim Ball, one of our GPNEs, at [email protected].

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