Paramedic Primary Care Placements 2021

Paramedic Primary Care Placements 2021

Photo by Markus Spiske
Placing paramedic students starting 24/05/21
Student tariff of £87.50 per week

The University of the West of England (UWE) Paramedic Science programme would like to increase the number of paramedics that experience a placement in primary care during their three-year BSc (Hons) programme. The UWE Paramedic programme would like to place students in primary care for 2 weeks, starting on the Monday 24 May, 2021.

Placement of paramedic students attracts the AHP student tariff of £87.50 per week. For more information on the process and aims of student paramedic placements, please click the button below.

I hope your organisation will consider support and development of the programme by providing placements for one or more students. Ideally, students would be placed in pairs so they can support each other whilst in placement, but single placement offers will be gladly accepted. Please contact me if you are able to support the placement of a paramedic student in primary care.

Thanks for your continued support with student placements.

Kind regards,

Phil Elverd
Education Facilitator | BNSSG Training Hub
[email protected]

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