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Social Prescribing Link Worker webinar series

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Learn about three new roles

To be held on Wednesday 4 November from 13.3014.30, this special joint webinar from NHSE / I will highlight three of the new roles in primary care: Social Prescribing Link Workers, Care Navigators, and Health Coaches.

The webinar is aimed at people employed in one of these roles, but is also open to PCN staff and other related colleagues. Learning outcomes as follows:

  • For colleagues in the three roles to gain an understanding of each role’s remit in primary care 
  • For colleagues to understand different models of how they can work together to deliver high-quality, personalised care, using real-life examples of where roles work together in primary care 
  • To provide an opportunity for colleagues to hear from the NHS England national team responsible for the additional roles
  • To provide an opportunity to ask questions to the national team and network with colleagues 

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