REACTmh® conversation training

REACTmh® conversation training


NHS England & NHS Improvement are working alongside March on Stress to deliver their bespoke REACTmh training, open to all managers, supervisors, and those with caring responsibilities for NHS people, in clinical and non-clinical NHS services, across all NHS, health and care organisations (especially those in areas exposed to high risk of stress, burn-out, and disadvantaged groups during COVID-19).

Underpinned by psychologically-sound principles and the REACT technique – Recognise, Engage, Actively listen, Check risk, and Talk about specific actions – this training will endow you with the skills to:

  • Identify people in your team or community whom may be struggling with their mental health
  • Engage in a supportive well-being conversation
  • Confidently hold the conversation using active-listening skills
  • And signpost them to appropriate support

You will be given the chance to practise these new skills during the training, too.

Sessions are run remotely, via Zoom, for up to 1.15 hours. You are encouraged to browse the available dates and times on Our NHS People website for one suitable for you. The link is available in the box below.

For the times and dates of sessions, and to register for one, please click here.

Please note: you will need to register on the Our NHS People site to join a session.

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