CLiP PCN Project

CLiP PCN Project

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For the attention of all PCNs
Get involved with this HEE-funded project

This is a HEE pilot to increase student nurse placements across the South West, with a call for 1 – 2 PCNs in BNSSG to host 4 – 8 students via the Collaborative Learning in Practice (CLiP) model. This coaching model tasks students from different years with taking the lead in caring for patients, and entrusts them with supporting and learning from one another.

Participating PCNs will not only receive support from the Training Hub and local HEIs, with staff being provided preparatory training, but they will also be able to claim a one-off £3,000 support payment (available per PCN, and alongside the usual weekly tariff of £87 per week).

In addition to expanding student nurse placements, the project is intended to raise the quality of learning environments, promote general practice nursing careers, assess the CLiP model’s suitability for other professions, and provide research output and case studies.

To watch a promotional video about how the CLiP model works in general practice, please click here.

The pilot will begin in January and is limited to two PCNs 
If interested, contact Dr. Holly Hardy ASAP

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