Lizzie Bradshaw

Lizzie Bradshaw

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I am the Profession Lead for Physiotherapy at the Training Hub. My main focus is on musculoskeletal first contact practitioners (MSK FCPs) but I am able to support all physiotherapists working in primary, health or social care. As with the other profession lead roles, my role is to provide support for education and development for these staff members working in primary, health and social care.

I have created a Community of Practice for the MSK FCPs which provides regular training and discussion forums for FCPs working across BNSSG and provides one-to-one support as needed. I also links with FCP educators and supervisors, regional groups across the South West as well as National working groups to keep abreast of new developments within FCP MSK. I am a musculoskeletal physiotherapist who now clinically works as an FCP in BNSSG after working for most of my career in secondary care (largely outpatient physio). I have a clinical interest in complex conditions and pain management.

Unsurprisingly for a physio, I enjoy keeping active in my spare time and I used to enter a lot of endurance running / swimming / triathlon events before this became more limited by family commitments. I also enjoy reading and am slowly trying to get through reading literary classics that I feel I should have read by now!

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