Our projects

Our projects

This list of our work-in-progress projects is subject to change.
Please keep an eye out for updates.

DWP Careers Event

Dr. Umber Malik, the Hub’s Associate Director of Schools and Colleges Outreach, is collaborating with the Learning Academy on a schools and colleges project for Healthier Together, with the aim of increasing the number of young people joining the health and social care careers pipeline.

This is especially significant now, as research carried out by the DWP predicts higher rates of unemployment for 16 – 24 year-olds during and following the COVID-19 pandemic. Funding for this project is available through a recently-convened South Bristol-based group which will investigate employment opportunities in the area, and through the development of regional youth hubs which will support the upskilling and employment of local people in the age group specified.

As a first step, a joint careers virtual event, focused on apprenticeships and employment opportunities, is scheduled for August. Organisations interested in contributing to this event are encouraged to send a message with their name and organisation details.

Please send expressions of interest to Dr. Umber Malik, Associate Director of Schools and Colleges Outreach, at [email protected].

General Practice Fellowship Programme

Funded by NHS England and NHS Improvement, this two-year programme aims to support GPs and nurses in the process of transitioning from training into a career in primary care. It is open to all GPs and practice nurses qualifying between November 2018 and March 2021, and whom currently hold (or will be taking up) a substantive role within any practice in Bristol, North Somerset, or South Gloucestershire.

The initial benefits of the programme will include:

  • 1 session per week pro-rata CPD time (it is anticipated that fellows will spend some of this time together as a peer group, some of it on a CPD activity of their own choice. The employing practice will be reimbursed for this time.)
  • Clinical supervision
  • Peer support

For more information, please click here.

Place-Based Placement Pilot

The PBPP is intended to address the ‘silo-based’ model of placement funding, changing it so that funding is distributed via geographical pots; this is so that placements will be spread out and better reflect the needs of the ‘place’. After all, these needs determine the workforce, which in turn shapes the placement capacity of providers and the ability of HEIs to respond to these changes.

This project will, ultimately, assist in formalising projections, identifying possible savings, deriving efficiencies, and reducing inequalities and any unknowns — all to the benefit of BNSSG as a whole.

For more information, please contact Collin Salandy, Project Manager for this piece, at [email protected].

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